Scent Descriptions

Scent Descriptions:

1. Tropical Island: Fruity and fresh coconut.              

2. Gentleman Like: Every customer describes this as the Cupid of Treazore Scense. They feel they attract more women with this scent lol Sophisticated black currant smell with a hint of dark musk and sandalwood. Definitely an eyecatcher and nose grabber. [UNISEX]

3. Warm Vanilla:  Warm, rich vanilla and cozy, perfumy scent.

4. Cucumber Twist: This is not your ordinary Cucumber Melon Fragrance! We added a +w!$+.  

5.The CodeFresh lemon and bergamot warmed with soothing guaiac wood, and tonka bean. [UNISEX]

6. Black Violet: A blend between aromatic herbs, warm amber, and florals.

7. New Born Fresh: Baby powder scent just reminds you of a fresh and clean newborn baby. Now you can smell like one too! [UNISEX]

8. Tranquil Moments: Looking for something subtle, but bold? Tranquil Moments is a spa-like scent. It's soft and classy with notes of Jasmine, Mandarin, and Rich Amber. [UNISEX]

9. Boss Up: Masculine blend of birch leaves, cardamom & amarelo woods for a clean, woodsy scent. [UNISEX]

10. Jamaican Sunset: Bringing the islands to you with this fruity cocktail aroma. Can't you smell the palm trees and feel the ocean breeze?

11. White Musk: Perfect blend between musk and floral. Notes: Musk, Jasmine, Rose, and Lily.

12. Reminisce: Put a smile on your face in the present by getting lost in your memories of past happiness while smelling Berries and Lavender.