The Becoming of Treazore Scense

Sometimes it's best when you do it yourself! Treazore (Treasure) Scense is ran and created by a woman who tried all kinds of different lotions and kept getting the same results, DRY SKIN! The lotion smelled amazing, but wasn't treating her skin with love and care. She figured she'd just stop wearing lotion as often and that wasn't a good idea either. 

Then the research began! She came across body butter which she thought it would be more effective and natural due to it being specifically for dry skin and more. It worked perfectly for her! Her family and friends were amazed and ready to buy (even though she wasn't thinking about business) and she enjoyed making it so Treazore Scense was born! 

We started with body butter, but we won't end there! The quality of our products keeps your skin happy and healthy. Smelling good is just a bonus! 

She is me, Tatiera! Thank you so much for supporting as we grow, you are appreciated!